XtraOrdinary Solutions offers fully customized brand strategies for Holistic wellness professionals and Veteran entrepreneurs by strengthening the core visual  identity of the company, defining its business culture, and creating targeted events to reach desired target markets .  

Are you ready to:

Define Your Vision?   Clarify Your Market Niche?   Refine Your Processes?   Educate & Speak on Your Brand?    Do Work that Lights You Up?

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XtraOrdinary Solutions was created to fulfill three gaps in the market and the founder’s desire to provide visual brand strategy, professional development, event management  to wellness providers and veterans entering the private sector, XtraOrdinary Solutions strategies will deliver benchmark tangible marketing and financial results.  

Innovate Your Brand

Your visual brand identity is to establish the concept to design of your brand strategy.  

Live Your Brand

Educate your staff and network on Soft Skills and processes that align with your mission, values, and culture.

Showcase Your Brand

Specialized events that are tailored to market your business and target your desired audience. 

Signature Experience

From brand identity to process, all the way to budgets. We can help you build from the bottom up or expand.

We are a Strategic Design company that caters to growth-oriented and transformative Wellness and Veteran entrepreneurs by providing Brand Identity, Professional Development, and Event Management with the purpose of empowering and inspiring their vision.

Our Vision

Is to empower, inspire and cultivate. By educating entrepreneurs through professional development and designing of brands. Provide the tools, resources, and education to position, differentiate, and define brands of veteran owned organizations and wellness providers.

Brand Story

Ronetta Jones, owner & CEO,  is the Visual Brand/Event Strategist to meet your needs and surpass your goals in elevating your brand.  She discovered an opportunity to Design, Empower and Inspire Entrepreneurs using a personal approach that challenges the norms of today’s brand strategies. 

Having a true passion for veterans affairs and wellness, Ronetta served 13 honorable years in the United States Air Force before leaving in 2013. Well versed in the wellness and healthcare market, She entered the private sector as a Medical and Dental Assistant and rose to Practice Management in which she managed multiple million dollar dental practices. 

In conjunction, in 2012,She became an Association Event Strategist / Manager. She established and managed the brand and event strategy of a Global Dental Association for 6 years

What People Are Saying

"I started my detailing business after losing my job as an engineering tech in telecommunications in 2003. I had built my business to a level of success where I was living comfortably but then the bottom fell out and it was to revamp. I found that trying to build a business and work a business can sometimes be challenging. After meeting Ronetta and getting to know and see how she worked passionately with her other clients. I decided she was the person I wanted on my team. The process of bringing her on took a series of about 3 meetings where she laid out a strategic plan on how to move forward. Then we were off to the implementation. I can truly say that she exceeded my expectations. I would and have recommended her services to anyone looking for a person who will give to your vision more than you expect. After about 6 months of sticking to her recommendations and making a few adjustments along the way. I started to see revenue increase and some clients that I lost start to return as well as new clients onboarding. I am truly thankful for meeting her. Anyone who may be looking for a new or restart. I recommend Ronetta Jones."
G. Lockart
"Ronetta Jones, taught me hands-on learning which gave me the opportunity to grow more in the areas of marketing and sales in dentistry that is continuously evolving. She helped me develop advanced skills such as being more comfortable with treatment planning and presentations to clients. Yes, I would definitely recommend her for Professional Development training."
M Hayes
"My experience with Ronetta, and her team at Xtraordinary Solutions was phenomenal. Hosting and managing an event with multiple elements can be a bit nerve wrecking . However, my first thought was to do it all myself, but after meeting Ronetta and listening to her advice, I decided to hire her and her staff to help me. As a headshot photographer, I needed someone that would be able to manage and coordinate my headshot party, so I could focus on entertaining my guest, and focus my attention on capturing the best headshot portrait for my customers. I was very pleased with how Ronetta provided me with constant updates, and I was truly impressed with the way she utilized the power of technology to build various charts and floor plans, which gave me a true sense of what to expect on kick-off day. Most of all, Ronetta personality is inviting, which made it very easy for me to connect with her, and share my thoughts and ideas with her. At the end of the day, I was truly pleased and satisfied that I had Ronetta by my side to help me make my Headshot Party a success."
C. McPhee